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A Cientista Agrícola nasceu em 2018 com o objetivo de aproximar a população da agricultura e partilhar conhecimentos agrícolas com uma linguagem simples.

Bem-vindo à plataforma A Cientista Agrícola, o seu guia essencial para iniciar-se no fascinante mundo da agricultura! O meu objetivo é fornecer informações claras, práticas e acessíveis a todos que desejam mergulhar na arte de cultivar a terra, seja num pequeno jardim urbano, num quintal ou numa horta comunitária.

10 Mandamentos do Agricultor InicianteAbout Us

  • Conhece o Teu Solo: Analisa e ajusta o solo.
  • Planeia: Planeia a horta com antecedência.
  • Escolhe Bem: Seleciona plantas adequadas ao clima e solo.
  • Cuida da Água: Regar corretamente e economizar água.
  • Aduba com Orgânicos: Usa fertilizantes orgânicos e compostagem.
  • Monitora: Observa e intervém precocemente.
  • "Roda" as Culturas: Alterna as culturas para manter o solo saudável.
  • Acolhe a Biodiversidade: Incentiva insetos benéficos.
  • Regista: Mantém um diário agrícola.
  • Aprende e Adapta-te: Experimenta novas técnicas e adapta-te.

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Há umas semanas recebi o galinheiro de metal galvanizado com fechadura e cobertura Oxford (280x190x195cm) da loja online O Meu Jardim. Como sempre tivemos...

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Decidiu investir em relva artificial para o seu jardim, mas está indeciso quanto à altura ideal a escolher?Quando se trata de selecionar relva artificial...

Importância do pH do solo: como medir e ajustar

 Para agricultores iniciantes, compreender a importância do pH do solo é fundamental para o sucesso das suas culturas. O pH do solo influencia diretamente...
Expand minds, embrace diversity
In 2013, Echoverse came into existence as a result of two individuals' unwavering belief in the power of truth and creativity. Their visionary pursuit led to the establishment of a magazine guided by the tenet "Expand minds, embrace diversity." The early days were marked by challenges, a fledgling team striving to make its mark amidst a sea of media.
The founders' resilience and commitment laid the foundation for Echoverse's growth. From those humble beginnings, our team has blossomed into a diverse collective of over 30 employees and journalists, each sharing a dedication to quality journalism and varied perspectives.
The essence goes beyond a slogan; it is a philosophy etched into our journey. From two pioneers to a thriving community, Echoverse has expanded its horizons in more ways than one. Today, as we reflect on our evolution, we continue to uphold the principles that shaped us, fostering an environment where diverse voices are not only heard but cherished.
Architects of destinies, forging futures
A trailblazing company on a mission to redefine how news reverberates across the world. We beckon entry-level employees into our fold, where they are not just employees but apprentices in the art of journalism. Guided by a passionate commitment to education, we invest in their growth through immersive training initiatives.
This empowers them to be discerning conveyors of information, poised to inform, engage, and provoke thought. The symphony of voices within our diverse team lends depth to our news coverage, ensuring that the narratives we weave are multi-dimensional, resonating with the myriad realities that shape our planet.
Empower seekers of truth
Journalism is an immersive journey that transcends borders. Our journalists don't just report the news; they experience it firsthand through on-field training and global interviews. Armed with a passion for authentic storytelling, our teams crisscross the world, engaging with communities to unearth narratives that resonate. These field experiences infuse depth into their reporting, capturing nuances that mere research might overlook.
Complementing their fieldwork, our journalists also tap into a web of reliable sources, ensuring that the news we deliver is grounded in accuracy and truth. EchoVerse stands as a beacon of trustworthy journalism, where the fusion of fieldwork and reliable sourcing yields news stories that inspire, inform, and enlighten.
Canvas of imagination blooms
For the journalists at EchoVerse, passion is an unquenchable flame that fuels their journey beyond the ordinary. Their relentless pursuit of truth leads them to delve deep into the heart of every story, unveiling hidden layers and shedding light on the unseen. But their dedication doesn't halt at facts; it extends to crafting vibrant, accurate portrayals of the places they've explored. In this dynamic realm of journalism, creativity is an essential companion.
These intrepid reporters use their imagination to breathe life into their narratives, transforming mere descriptions into immersive experiences. The marriage of their dedication to truth and the power of creativity is what sets EchoVerse's storytelling apart, captivating audiences and painting vivid landscapes of the world.
Amplify your distinct voice
In the realm of EchoVerse, diversity is our anthem. Our team's vibrant composition embodies a true global spirit, reflecting a myriad of cultures and ways of life. Aysha's journey encapsulates this: she embraces her Indian identity even after a decade in America, threading together her dual perspectives into her stories.
Meanwhile, Marcus, a proud Pole, brings a slice of his homeland's flavors through his fondness for pickled treats. These tales are emblematic of the rich, cross-cultural narratives our diverse team weaves daily, lending authenticity and depth to our news coverage.
Together, decoding reality's tapestry
EchoVerse's online magazine serves as a crucible for tackling complex subjects head-on. We venture into the recesses of psychology, deciphering its intricacies to shed light on human behavior. Concurrently, we confront myths and conspiracy theories with well-researched exposés, unravelling misconceptions that may cloud perceptions.
Our commitment lies in nurturing a discerning readership that values truth and evidence. EchoVerse isn't just a publication; it's a sanctuary for open conversations and critical thinking. Through our insightful articles, we provide readers with the resources to navigate both the labyrinth of the human mind and the maze of misinformation, emerging as informed and empowered individuals.

Transformative Shifts: Journalism's Evolution Across Decades, Navigating Tech, Ethics, and Information Dynamics with Vigilance.

Montei o galinheiro do Meu Jardim e quero partilhar o que achei

Há umas semanas recebi o galinheiro de metal galvanizado com fechadura e cobertura Oxford (280x190x195cm) da loja online O Meu Jardim. Como sempre tivemos...

Como escolher uma boa relva artificial?

Decidiu investir em relva artificial para o seu jardim, mas está indeciso quanto à altura ideal a escolher?Quando se trata de selecionar relva artificial...

An era inundated with misinformation necessitates media literacy as an essential shield against falsehoods. The battle for press freedom rages globally, highlighting the vital role journalists play in holding power to account. The seismic shift in revenue streams challenges journalism's economic sustainability and threatens investigative reporting. In this context, journalism's transformation is an imperative, where innovation harmonizes with journalistic ethics, integrity, and the unwavering pursuit of informing the public conscientiously.

Prioritizing accuracy and truthfulness in their reporting. Dedicated to presenting information that is well-researched, verified, and reliable, even in the face of challenges or pressures to sensationalize stories.

Our aim is to report without bias or personal opinion, presenting facts and diverse viewpoints in a balanced manner. Striving to provide readers with the information needed to form their own opinions.

We maintain a high level of integrity in our work. Avoiding conflicts of interest, upholding our publication's standards, and acting transparently to maintain the trust of our audience.

We take ownership of our work and are willing to correct mistakes. We hold each other accountable for accurate reporting and ethical behavior, fostering a culture of accountability within the industry.

We value our independence from external influences, including political pressures, financial interests, or personal biases. This independence allows us to report without fear or favor, ensuring the integrity of our work.

We often face challenges and risks in pursuit of the truth. By demonstrating courage through investigating sensitive topics, exposing wrongdoing, and reporting on issues that may be unpopular or controversial.

Many journalists view their profession as a form of public service. But we believe in the importance of informing the public about matters that affect society, holding powerful entities accountable, and contributing to the democratic process.

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