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OFERTA DE EMPREGO: Engenheiro Agrónomo_Driscoll’s Portugal (m/f)


The Test Plot has an important role as a research and development farm for studying and selecting Driscoll’s varieties, adjusted to the different production systems in Portugal. Therefore, it is essential that the variety adaption studies are managed with the highest standards, as it is critical for the future development of the business globally.
This position have, as primary responsibilities, assist in field management to ensure that crops are being grown to the fullest of its genetic potential and perform all necessary evaluations for horticultural traits on strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry selections, both in substrate and in soil.


• Be a key member of the test plot team.
• Work with the test plot manager to implement best growing practice and ensure the crops are grown to the highest possible standard of agronomy.
• Strive to innovate and adapt new growing techniques to improve the quality of the crops.
• Regularly walk the crops for pests and diseases ensuring sustainable control methods are in place.
• Design and manage fertilizer programmes for all crops, both in substrate and soil production systems, working with the irrigation team to ensure crops receive the correct nutrition programmes.
• Collaborate with stakeholders in the design of trials to enable best possible execution.
• Keep tracking on relevant technical records and meet certification requirements
• Be part of the test plot planning team and generate a clear work strategy for farming each crop each week.
• Regularly visit growers to improve your understanding of commercial best practice so that you are aware of changing methods within the Portuguese soft fruit industry.
• Create the believe in and execute the company´s Mission, Vision & Values


• Pre-Bolonha degree or Master in Agronomic Engineering
• 3 -5 years of experience in horticulture required. Experience with berry crops preferred.
• Experience with irrigation systems and substrate production is preferred.
• Experience with implementing IPM (Integrated pest management) systems is also preferred.
• English language required
• Microsoft Office

The ideal candidate is a team player, with an open-mind and flexible attitude to work hours, due to the seasonal nature of the crops, responding positively to different opinions and changing priorities within the test plot.
With great attention to detail and good organizational skills, the candidate should be a self-starter, independent and good problem solver, with great communication skills.
Cross cultural or previous international experience is a plus.

If you are interested in this position and meet the requirements, then please send your CV and a cover letter, both in English, to Vasco Costa, at

Ver Oferta de Emprego: http://www.net-empregos.com/5872591/agronomic-engineer/#.XLrmmOhKjIU#ixzz5lctm6rpS
www.net-empregos.com – O maior site português de ofertas de emprego

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