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OPORTUNIDADE: Técnico de Cultivo IPM (Gestão e Controlo de Pragas) (m/f)

Fonte: netempregos

Detalhe da Oferta:

Tilray is a global leader in medical cannabis research and production dedicated to providing safe, consistent and reliable therapy to patients. We are the only GMP certified medical cannabis producer currently supplying products to thousands of patients, physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, governments and researchers in Australia, Canada, the European Union and the Americas. Our team of PhD scientists, botanists and master horticulturists are leaders in cannabis research and related agricultural sciences. We strive to improve scientific understanding of the potential applications of medical cannabis and have invested in developing continuing medical education programs for health care practitioners around the globe.

Reporting to the Area Supervisor (Propagation, Cultivation, IPM, Tissue Culture or designate) and/or Area Lead; the Production Technician will be responsible for safely carrying out the duties which support the growth and health of the plants. The Production Technician will follow standard operating procedures and document consistently to ensure the quality of the plants.

– Role and Responsibilities
.Performance the duties/tasks which support the growth and health of the crops while maintaining a safe, clean and compliant workplace;
.Perform all Production tasks required as part of our Production Schedule in any area of Production and as described in our Standard Operating Procedures;
.Ensure assigned tasks are completed within expected time as per our Labour Tracking Data and meet quality standards
.Perform cleaning in the greenhouse to include but not limited to; sweeping, mopping, emptying garbage & recycling.
.Ensure Greenhouse sanitation is completed and minor cleaning is performed as needed during the crop cycle in coordination with Area Supervisor/Lead;
.Any other duty deemed essential as requested by the Regional Production Director.

– Qualifications and Education Requirements
.High School diploma preferend;
.1-year experience in a greenhouse or in an agricultural setting is considered an asset;
.Ability to work in greenhouse environmental;
.Capable of multi-tasking;
.Ability to work within a Good Agriculture Collection Pratice and/or Good Manufacuring Practices compliance area;
.Ability to perform the safe and effective execution of all duties in accordance with established company safety, quality and compliance policies.

Apply, following the link:

Olá, sou a Rosa. Nasci e cresci em meio rural e desde cedo percebi o que queria fazer para o resto da vida. Mais tarde, quando entrei no ensino superior tornei-me Técnica Superior do Ambiente e Agrónoma, áreas que sempre me fascinaram. Este blog é mais do que um projecto pessoal...é  o culminar de duas paixões: a escrita e as ciências ambientais e agrárias. Este é um local de encontro entre todos aqueles que partilham destas mesmas paixões. 

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